Tips of the Day – Tuesday

Suffering from lethargy? Start your morning with an herbal tea and meditation, setting the intention to absorb nourishment and support from the Earth herself.

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Hola hermosa!
I have had & used up all mine.
Had gifted a couple to my mother but I am unsure on her supply.
I admire you & am truly grateful for your time & value your energy into all you do for us.
I have had your
Chakra Alignment
Spiritual Warfare
Veil Walkers
My question is what is the cease & desist?
I feel that I truly must have that Impenetrable Defense.
I have most likely had too many readings as I panic when someone inboxes me randomly from nigeria that I have to do this or that as I am in danger, because how would they know. I don’t like that I feel like I’m playing with fire that cannot be controlled. I consider you an elder & one of many superiors. I understand that I am not God & I feel that I am on survival mode with my internal/mental health. I tandem breastfeed & I feel like I am everywhere & nowhere.
Have so much going on & it feels like nothing at the same time.
I have only small shabbos candles at the moment but may be able to get a black candle tomorrow.
I may be a nobody from nowhere but I want to be here for my kids without feeling that I am sick in the mind. Mother is always mad also. I have grown to understand her reasons & am reaching out so I can place an order to keep my guard up?

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