Attitude of Gratitude

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Having an attitude of gratitude is the single most important ingredient needed in your life. Do you want a better job, more money, or happiness?
Realize that by being grateful for the things you already have, you are sending that vibration out to the Universe to bring more of those things to you.
As your attitude towards gratitude improves, watch the Universe react in kind.
~Latasha Handy, ‘Angelic Mystic’
I challenge each of you this month to start a Gratitude journal. Oftentimes we take things for granted. I recently went on vacation in Cuba and toilet paper is considered a luxury. When I came back to the states I vowed not to things in life for granted.
This does not have to be a novel, it is to help remind you that life is worth it and beautiful, especially on those darker days.
I say write, write, write all you want. Some days you will be more inspired than others, then use that time to put down those thoughts. Enjoy the journey!
~Kendra C. ‘Kendra’s Love Corner’

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I like to speak with you in private about my life. Nothing is going right and haven’t for years.

I Am Grateful for Life! My Peace, my Job, the Day Off. 😎🙂🤗😍

Zandria Cureton-Sutton

I am so grateful. Coming across your live video on Facebook ( not sure how when we’re not friends) so happen you’re speaking about what I literally asked spurits for guidance on, which lead me to this site.
Love & Light


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