Become Familiar with Your Energy Body (Chakras)

We are multidimensional beings and anything we do is multidimensional. When we experience trauma, we are not only affected mentally, but also emotionally, spiritually, physically, and energetically. Every aspect of who we are is energetic because we began at a cellular level, and energetic impulses run through our bodies consistently and constantly. We have to be mindful of our thoughts, emotions, etc because these dictates whether positive or negative energy fuels us and the life we create. Learning about your chakras and your energy body is essential for becoming in tune with who you are multidimensionally. Once you’ve become familiar with your energy body, you learn to pay attention to its impulses and how it communicates with you. Chakras are spinning energy centers within us associated with different aspects of who we are, and when they are imbalanced, we are imbalanced. Balance them and you open yourself up to an entirely new outlook on life and yourself.”

By Rubi D: Energy Therapist and Chakra Expert
The Goddess Grind

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Just beginning to learn about chakras, any suggestions as far as books or etc that would assist me.

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