Dark pit of empty fullness

The Primordial Pool of Power …

Now just for a moment, allow yourself to be taken to the edge of nothing.

Envision the vast dark pit of empty fullness before you.

Take a step forward, leaping in, to float upon the black pool beneath you.

You feel the thickness, yet move so easily.

You can feel yourself gaining strength, energy, and power as you move about wholly immersed.

Seeing nothing and hearing nothing, but knowing and feeling all, you pull it in.

You let it sit inside you and move throughout your entirety.

Fully embrace it, coursing in your being.

It pulsates like lightening and then slows to a beautiful soft melodic plucking of heartbeats.

You realize, that you now sit back at the edge, looking into the darkened mirror reflection.

~Zulaimy F
Zuly Of-One

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