Health & Heart

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Healing is a blessing and curse. Why? Because often we are afraid to face our truths. The real you? The heart and love is one of the most strongest and healing vibrations known to man kind. As we enter this Saturn transit you can lie to Facebook, IG and other platforms. But, take a long hard cold look into the mirror. And ask yourself how do you feel, how does your heart feel. If you can’t honestly answer those questions then it’s time to heal thyself and thy heart.
Dianna P ” The Conjuring Lion”
We can easily fall into the “should” trap. My mother/father should love me. My boyfriend/ girlfriend or whomever should love me. The heartbreaking reality is that sometimes people don’t have the capacity to love. That’s their struggle and has nothing to do with you. Yes, we’d prefer that this or that person love us but it doesn’t mean they have the mental capacity to be able to do so.
Kendra C “Kendra’s Love Corner”

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