primordial energy

Primordial power is a force that is fueled by Source energy; also known as dark energy, primordial energy, and first matter to name a few.  In many ancient cultures, it was believed that this energy was uniquely feminine. It is the darkness from which all things are made manifest or brought to light. The Greeks personified this primordial energy as Khaos.  It is the source of the divine within us all and we have access to it for creating and manifesting.

While our own personal power stems from the Source, the best way to tap into this power is on purpose and with purpose.  This is not an energy with which we need be humble, timid or uncertain about our desires.  To begin getting comfortable with Source energy, below is a mantra that may help you become more conscious of your connection.

Begin by going into complete darkness, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the energetic space of this primordial force.  Repeat the below mantra until you begin to feel the primordial power within.

I AM connected to the primordial power source. The Alpha, Omega, the God force. It is with this power that I bring forth my hearts desires.
~ Tasha Dixon
Spirit Knows Best

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