Primordial Power

A mother tucks her young child into bed and turns off the light.

The child whispers to her mother – “But I’m afraid of the dark.” The mother replies, “But Sweetie, Darkness is our friend.

It is a time of creation.

All the stars and planets were formed in the darkness of Space.

You grew strong and whole in my belly to meet the world, in darkness.

Some of the greatest ideas of all time were created just behind closed eyes and dreaming, in darkness.”

The child looks around thoughtfully – “Can I create something special in my dreams?”

The mother replied with a smile: “It’s the most powerful thing you can do, to dream of something special in the dark, and bring it to light for all to see. Never stop.”

The child closed her eyes and settled into her new friend Darkness, which she’ll one day recognize to be her primordial gift.

Primordial Power.

~Bast DeLuna
Moonlight Bruja
Simply Dalish

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