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  • Magickal Mystic Expo 2024

    Welcome to our annual Magickal Mystic Expo. We know you’ve come to expect excellence and a great time and for the 5th year in a row, we come to give you just that. This is the premier event for the spiritual and mystical community, hosted by Emme Rain. Location- Smyrna Community Center 200 Village Green Circle SE Smyrna, GA 30080 12pm-5pm Eastern Time

    • annual event
    • Atlanta
    • expo
    • Magickal Mystic
    • vendors
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  • Practitioners Retreat

    Join Emme Rain for live demonstrations of magick and mystical practice and the reclamation of power in the fabled and notorious Salem, MA. This event will be held from June 6-9 and will include housing at a historic manor close to museums, in walking distance of known attractions. Emme will take time to demonstrate grounding, pulling power, leaving energetic trails, and much more. This is the event of the century for those who are serious about spiritual practice.

    • Emme Rain
    • live demonstrations
    • Practitioners Retreat
    • Salem area
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  • Sign and Sip Book Release Party

    Emme Rain discusses books, publishing, marketing and turning your writing into income. She will be signing books and sharing some of their homemade wine blends with attendees. Food and wine included. Luxurious estate. Come dressed to impress! Location- 2250 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN Time- 1PM until 4PM  

    • book event
    • Book signing
    • Nashville event
    • Tennessee
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  • Black Gold Candle

    Black Gold is magick that amplifies the gift of your melanin and brings forth the ingenuity, the wisdom, the knowledge, the prowess, the protection and the guidance of your entire bloodline, and it brings in spiritual reparations. Command all that is due to the bloodline, all that is due to you. For all the jobs where you were overworked, underpaid and undervalued, and for all the times it happened to those in your bloodline, this product line is created to pull the just payments through in real time. Blended especially for African Americans, but this blend can be used by any culture, any person who has been mistreated or misused, who has ancestors who have been misused. But, THIS IS A CELEBRATION OF BLACK EXCELLENCE!!!

    • Black Excellence
    • Black Gold
    • melanin
    • wealth candle
    Sale! $15.00C-209
  • Muses Fragrance Mist

    MUSES- This is the energy of the divine mind! Powerful ideas, vibrant imagination and flowing inspiration. This fragrance amplifies the mental energy of those who wear it, enhancing their creative power. The Muses are grantors of greatness and they are allies for life if you so choose to make them.

    • divine inspiration
    • Fragrance
    • Muses
    Sale! $18.88F-0557
  • Just Desserts Fragrance Mist

    Just Desserts is a triple blended product, created to attract back what you have given out when reciprocity is slow in coming from those you've helped. However, it can be used to cast karmic debt or weight on others who have wronged you as well. Ultimately, it is all about you feeling good and getting what you deserve.

    • Fragrance
    • Infused mist
    • Just Desserts
    • reciprocity
    Sale! $20.00F-0537
  • Triumphant Oil

    This Victorious Jubilation is a vibration that lifts the heart, the mind and the soul. It is not just evolving, but doing it happily. It’s the winning hand in life. You are TRIUMPHANT! This oil is blended for regular, daily use. Use it in your bath, as part of your grooming, in your diffuser throughout your home and/or office, great to add to a diffuser necklace, and most powerful when added to your spell and ritual or offering candles. Can also be used in your hair and to anoint your crown chakra.

    • happiness
    • overcoming
    • triumph
    • Victory
    Sale! $15.00O-0487
  • Metatron Oil

    Metatron, considered the angel of knowledge and scribe of god, is actually a god, the divine energy of knowledge. Metatron is the energy of knowledge, embodied knowledge. The secrets of creation and the cycle of the Universe rest within this being. Metatron’s cube of wholeness, solidarity and balance even through states of flux is very powerful and is representative of the womb, making it one of the most powerful manifestation tools available to man. This oil is an offering and summoning oil created to channel the energy and power of Metatron or to be used as an offering to his energy.

    • angel of knowledge
    • knowledge
    • manifestation
    • Metatron
    • metatron’s cube
    • platonic solids
    • wisdom
    Sale! $10.00O-409
  • F#ck How It Turns Out Oil

    Pull back all energy given to people who misused it, who have hurt you without cause and send a heavy hand of consequence into their lives. This blend is a warfare blend. It causes calamity to your enemy so it is NOT to be used for petty squabbles. This is a serious blend to be used when you want to seriously level someone. Write their names and any other information you have. Mark through it with a red pen. Place oil on the paper and in the candle you’ll burn over the paper.

    • domination
    • karma
    • Protection
    • Return to sender
    • Spiritual Power
    Sale! $12.00O-0401
  • Amaterasu Candle

    The fire and power, the glow up, and wisdom of Amaterasu, solar goddess of power and beauty. She brings an incredible energy boost into your life.

    • Amaterasu
    • candles
    • solar goddess
    • Spiritual Power
    • sun goddess
    Sale! $12.00C-056
  • Debt Cancellation Candle

    Created to cancel the energy of debt in your life while bringing in resources to shift your current relationship with money, material things and bills.

    • credit repair
    • Debt removal
    • money magic
    • Prosperity
    Sale! $18.00C-030
  • Grace of Yemaya Candle

    Indulge in the grace, wisdom and favor of Yemaya with this pure soy wax, clean burning energy infused candle, charged to evoke and honor her. This candle can be used for summoning, as an offering and also for channeling. Set your intention and light your wick.

    • offering
    • Orisha
    • soy wax
    • Spiritual Power
    • Summoning
    Sale! $12.00C-102
  • R$ch B$tch Candle

    The dressed and energy infused premium candle to bring courage, confidence and prosperity. This candle works best when you work with it over a period of time consistently. You are literally drinking in the energy by sitting with it so the more you do it, the more powerful the vibration will become.

    • confidence
    • Prosperity
    • R$ch B$tch
    • wealth
    Sale! $15.00C-013
  • Lucifer Oil

    The summoning and conjuring blend to bring forth the father of lights, the prince of air, the great enlightener, Lucifer. Pro Tip: Place a dropper full of Lucifer oil in the palm of your left hand. Set the intention to align with and receive knowledge and empowerment from Lucifer. Rub together between both hands vigorously until the palms are warm. Place your left palm over your crown and your right palm over your third eye area and close your eyes. Take 3 deep, cleansing, slow breaths and allow the flow to happen.

    • angel of light
    • enlightenment
    • Lucifer
    • Spiritual Power
    Sale! $10.00O-0327
  • Lilith Oil

    Summoning the queen of femininity, goddess of divine feminine empowerment. Mother and warrior, get to know this fierce energy.

    • Lilith
    • rise of the divine feminine
    • Spiritual Power
    Sale! $10.00O-0293
  • R$ch B$tch Oil

    Add the energy of courage, wealth, power and poise. Blended for wear, bath, diffuser and candle work, this is one of the most popular and powerful oil blends created by Emme Rain.

    • Abundance
    • courage
    • Prosperity
    • R$ch B$tch
    • ritual oil
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth
    Sale! $15.00O-0229

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