Debt Cancellation

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Debt Cancellation

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Use to cancel and lower debt. Best used in white, green or gold candles during your money work, also should be kept on your money altar. It can be worn, bathed in or used in your oil warmer or diffuser.

1 review for Debt Cancellation

  1. NPJ

    I’ve always included Debt Collection in my money work. I’ve always noticed that the money for bills etc would always present itself w use. I was like “cool. I like it.”

    Recently, I used it for my credit cards specifically and I must say that I’m impressed. I’m getting emails saying my credit score has gone up. 🤔 I originally thought “What?”. (I just lit the candle a week or so ago)
    I also told everyone I wasn’t paying those credit card bills, therefore, I was confused.

    I checked my credit report and sure enough they were all paid or gone. To add icing on the cake; even says 85% paid on time. LOL! Do it for yourself and gone get the oil. Don’t sleep on it.

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