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  • Nephthys Candle

    Nephthys candle is infused with her energy and great for calling her forth and into your life. Great also for adding her energy to your ritual or spell work.

    • dark goddess
    • goddess of death
    • goddess of rebirth
    • Nephthys


  • Nephthys Oil

    The Helpful One. The Excellent One. Lady of the Air. Goddess of Crossings.

    • goddess of crossings
    • goddess of the air
    • Nephthys
    • The Excellent Goddess


  • Oya Candle

    Summoning, strengthening and infusing candle used to work with Oya, the goddess of change, of storms, of the marketplace and of the cemetery, guardian of the ancestral realm and veilwalker.

    • goddess of winds
    • marketplace goddess
    • Oya
    • storm goddess


  • Neith Candle

    Neith, goddess of creation, the Great Weaver!

    • creation goddess
    • goddess of destiny
    • Neith
    • weaver


  • Inanna Candle

    Queen of Heaven, goddess of love and strategist in war.



  • Kubera Oil

    Kubera, the god of wealth and guardian of the world, is infused with the fullness of his energy and grace, guidance and divine protection.

    • Abundance
    • god king
    • god of wealth
    • Kuber
    • Kubera
    • Yakshas


  • Damballah Candle

    Connect with the energy of this great and wise deity who offers protection, helps with infusing energy and rebuilding internal fractures of the soul, as well as tapping into the restorative powers of sexuality and the orgasm.

    • Damballah
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • Spiritual Power


  • Marduk

    The god of magick and father of humanity, Marduk is considered the son of Ea in some traditions. Very powerful watery energy that represents that which is hidden and bringing order to that which is revealed.

    • divine guidance
    • Ea
    • god of magic
    • Marduk
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom


  • Essence of Thoth

    The energy of Thoth is timeless and is responsible for civilization itself. Adding this powerful energy into your life will help you understand deeper, grant you access to higher knowledge and empower your creative processes.

    • channeling
    • Deity
    • Spiritual Power
    • Summoning
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  • Damballah Oil

    The powerful energy highly revered throughout the islands including Haiti. Known to be protective, Damballah helps clear out ancient blockages or create generational curses, depending upon how you approach him. This oil is for summoning, feeding and invoking this fiery serpentine god.

    • Damballah
    • God of wisdom
    • Haitian gods
    • Spiritual Power
    • Voudou


  • Pachamama Oil

    The embodiment of the earth, stabilizing force of nature, powerful spiritual ally in creating a foundation.

    • earth goddess
    • nature
    • Pachamama
    • Spiritual Power


Showing all 11 results