Egyptian goddess

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  • Auset Oil

    Auset, the Kemetic deity often syncretized to Isis, is one of the oldest and purest versions of the divine feminine and represents the giver of life and guide through life and the afterlife. She is Creatrix and Protectress. She is a proponent for the evolution and elevation of humankind and is often said to be a teacher of arts, writing and agriculture. She is divine and she is royalty and is often honored as queen. Work with Auset to bring new life, expansion and wisdom into your life. Great also for those who want to learn magick, natural arts and other wise workings. She is a walker of veils and an initiator.

    • Aset
    • Auset
    • Egyptian goddess
    • Mother of Magick
    • Queen of the Throne
  • Bastet Oil

    Summoning oil of the panther goddess, the catty flirty feline Bastet. Very powerful oil blend.

    • Bastet
    • Egyptian goddess
    • goddess of beauty
    • goddess of love
    • Spiritual Power
  • Sekhmet Oil

    The warrior and lion-faced goddess of Egypt that protects, defends and guides in strategy and much more.

    • Egyptian goddess
    • lion goddess
    • protectress
    • Sekhmet
    • Spiritual Power
  • Isis Oil

    The walker of realms, great mother, protectress, chief of all mystics, Goddess Isis.

    • Egyptian goddess
    • Goddess with 1000 names
    • Isis
    • Spiritual Power

Showing all 4 results