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  • Sorath Oil

    The dark lord, also called the dark side of the sun…. Very dynamic and powerful energy to add to your life for wisdom and wealth, as well as protection. Sorath has been known by many names. A solar deity, he is often called the sun demon, the darker side of the sun. He is an energy that deals with primordial energy for protection, creation and guidance. He represents the breaking of all chains, thus mental, physical and emotional freedom, sexual freedom and financial freedom. But he guides for wise use of freedom as well.

    • dark lord
    • dark side of the sun
    • essential oil
    • SORATH
  • EMerge Oil

    This powerful oil blend is a celebration of the emergence of YOU, your divine self, your recreated goddess/god self. This blend is highly sexual and charged with Shakti, Phoenix and Kundalini energy, among other things. Please do a patch skin test before rubbing all over your body, or blend with other skincare products if it is too strong. Use in candle magick, bath magick, during meditation, in the diffuser or oil warmer and add to offering.

    • Ascension
    • EMerge
    • Enchantments
    • essential oil
    • ritual oil
    • Spiritual Power
  • Andromalius Oil

    One of the powerful punishers of the dark world, Andromalius helps bring back stolen goods, reveal secrets, and punishes evil deeds done to you by others. He is a protector and a strong defense against those who rise against you unjustly.

    • Andromalius
    • Demon
    • Demon oil
    • essential oil
    • ritual oil
    • Spiritual Power
  • Dark Mother Oil

    Connect with the primordial mother and energies of creation.

    • clarity
    • dark energy
    • essential oil
    • primordial energy
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom

Showing all 4 results