Ancestral Oils

Ancestral Oils


Powerful blends designed to bring about a sure and beneficial connection between you and your ancestors.


Ancestor, Ancestral Warriors, Ancient Secrets Channeling Blend, Grace of the Ancients, Bloodline Cleanse, Jade Emperor, Anunnaki, Family Restoration, Starseed Alignment, Ancestral Conjuring

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I have been using these oils of almost 2 years, and they are consistently amazing every single time. I have used the Ancestor Oil and the Grace of the Ancients specifically. Grace of the Ancients is one of my top favorites overall. Both oils have truly helped to strengthen the bond with my ancestors, receive messages/communications in a clearer way. I have also used these oils, in combination, with the Healing Arts Oil to reveal what is needed to heal my bloodlines. It has continued to change my life and transform my personal power with every single use. I only use a few drops at a time. I have sensitive skin and not once have I broken out or hand any issues. The energy on these oils is just amazing, and I would honestly buy them just for the scents!

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Oils designed to assist with connecting to, feeding, honoring, and calling forth specific aspects of your ancestry.