Ascension Essential Oils

Ascension Essential Oils


Awakening and ascension oils designed to assist you on your spiritual journey. These are great to be worn during meditation and grounding exercises, can be added to your bath, a foot soak, a hand wash, haircare products, used in a diffuser or oil warmer and also in candle work. DO NOT CONSUME!


Ascension, Ascension Survival, Equilibrium, Self Mastery, Meditation, Trance, DNA Repair and Activate, Kundalini Awakening, Synergy 12, Centering, Soul Cleanse, Mental Clarity, Oversoul

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I used the DNA Repair and Activate on a plant of mine that was just not looking good. I spent a week trying to save it and had just about given up when I decided to use a drop of the DNA oil on it. 24 hours later my plant looks 10x better and is no longer droopy!

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Oils that assist with your awakening and ascension process.