Court Case and Legal Spellwork

Court Case and Legal Spellwork


Our retainer for legal work is $1000.00, but our fees can run up to $5000 depending upon how long we have to work the case, how many cases are pending and what you want the outcome to be.
1-2 cases is $1000
3-5 cases is $3000
6 cases or more is $5000

If you come after you’ve been to court a few times and there are only a few weeks left, the price doubles. Please be sure to contact us with all pertinent information. It’s very important so that your spellwork is done properly.

Legal spellwork is a complex but powerful ally when facing the justice system in any form. It can be the difference in judgments for or against you. It can make the difference between getting 30 years or getting 10 years.

I myself have battled the legal system in several different cases and I understand the intricacies of the process. Generally, I ask for the name of the judge, prosecutor, claimant or any other parties who are deeply involved in the case.


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Are you facing serious charges or have a pending lawsuit filed by or against you? Then you may want to secure magickal backing as soon as you can. It definitely won’t hurt.