Demonic Conjure Blends


Demonic Conjure Blends


Get the daemonic blends that call to your soul!

~ Lucifer
~ Ose
~ Forneus
~ Clauneck
~ Dantalion
~ Beleth
~ Asmodeus
~ Orobas
~ Gremory
~ Bune’
~ Surgat
~ Azazel
~ Andromalius
~ Barbatos
~ Flauros
~ Shax
~ Conjure of Paimon


The daemonic conjuring blends that will change everything about your spiritual freedom and independence.


Ose, Forneus, Clauneck, Lucifer, Beleth, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Buné, Dantalion, Gremory, Orobas, Azazel, Surgat, Andromalius, Barbatos, Flauros, Shax, Conjure of Paimon, Vassago, Sallos, King Bael, King Belial, King Zagan, King Balam

4 reviews for Demonic Conjure Blends

(verified owner)

The Lucifer Blend is AMAZING! Perfect for enlightnement work. If you are in a place of darkness(meaning you are lost and can’t figure something out)Lucifer is the perfect blend to bring you out of that darkness, by lighting the way out of the darkness. This blend is also an amazing blend to work with for self- healing and self-mastery because this energy sheds light (The Illuminated One, The Shinning One, The Great Morning and Evening Star) on those situations that are shrouded in mystery and darkness, revealing truths that you may have missed. I highly recommend this blend! The sent is also amazing, and even works well in an oil warmer or diffuser. This energy is one of the most peaceful energies I have EVER worked with! Again I highly recommend. Results also come very fast too! Thank you Magickal Mystic for this amazing blend.

Thank you for this beautiful review and for being a valued customer. Keep that good juju poppin, sis!

(verified owner)

I purchased the Clauneck blend after he kept calling out to me, and WOAH does it pack a punch. I HIGHLY recommend using it during the day, because his energy is crisp and intense. Should you decide to use it at night, know you’ll be up for most of that night?

(verified owner)

Hi, I am Valerie. I want to share about my experience with Daemon Dantalion! I absolutely love the Energy this Deity brings! I call him the “Heart Whisperer” because of the profound empathic vibe he possesses! Sitting with both his candle and the oil blend, meditating on his sigil, while chanting his enn, I was able to connect to him on such a deep heart level, that’s how he communicated with me! Definitely is able to shift/heal negative thought patterns within yourself and others. He showed me that in a huge way! I definitely recommend forming a relationship with this beautiful Primordial Source.

(verified owner)

I own every single one of these and love each of them. Though Claunick and Asmodaus are my current go to buddies and the oils I use the most. I would also like to add I have used each of these with my children near by and each one has been nothing but polite with them.

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