Emme Rain Fragrance Collection

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Emme Rain Fragrance Collection


EmmePorium – the scent of a goddess

EmmePyre – flames of the Phoenix

EmmePowered – scent of the divine masculine

EmmeBossed – the smell of money

R$Ch B$tch Mist – the vibration of good life on your own terms

EmmePressed – a memorable effervescence that will impress and delight


A line of designer fragrances by globally recognized mystic, Emme Rain!

Blended with magickal, mystical, powerful intentions, these fragrances are like wearing your magick all day long. Very high vibrational scents that will shift your reality!


EmmePorium, EmmePyre, EmmeBossed, EmmePowered, R$ch B$tch, EmmePressed


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EmmeBossed, EmmePyre, EmmePressed, EmmePowered, EmmePorium, R$ch B$tch