Energy Work


Energy Work



Energy Infusion - increase your energetic flow through your body and your energy output, especially helpful for those who are working on manifestation

Energetic Makeover - 60-90 minute session that is like an energetic dialysis. Using frequencies and timed shifts, we work through your entire energetic body and infuse new energy, purging old energy

Activation Sequence - literally, used to turn you on and start a pure flow from your oversoul. May cause lucid dreams, out of body experiences, and turns on abilities you may have forgotten or didn’t know you had like mediumship or healing hands

3rd Eye Activation - ritual down to decalcify the pineal and clear your ajna chakra, giving clean and expansive energy to the third eye (ajna). While this does not require an appointment, there are times when instructions may come behind the work

Healing Session - 45-60 minute session of energy work to assist with healing the physical, mental or emotional body, done via phone. Client needs to be in a space of quiet without distractions to get the most out of this service.

Soul Contract Cancellation - cancelling unhealthy and non-beneficial soul contracts and agreements that may be hindering your progress forward, 30 minute phone consult before work begins

Soul Retrieval - calling back all the fractured pieces of your soul from traumas in this life and prior lives, 30 minute phone consult before work begins that must be scheduled.


Energetic Makeover, Energy Infusion, Healing Session, Activation Sequence, Third Eye Activation, Soul Contract Cancellation, Soul Retrieval, Sacred Seal


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Energy workings done via rituals and/or spells to help you rebuild, restore, strengthen or expand.