Fragrance Collection

Fragrance Collection


EmmePorium – the scent of a goddess

EmmePyre – flames of the Phoenix

EmmePowered – scent of the divine masculine

EmmeBossed – the smell of money

R$Ch B$tch Mist – the vibration of good life on your own terms

EmmePressed – a memorable effervescence that will impress and delight

Soul Snatch – the fragrance mist for the popular sexy/lusty blend, Soul Snatch

Enchantment – the fragrance that brings the command and attention you desire in all situations

Get Money – THE premium money calling fragrance… infused to energize your lower chakras and assist with calling forth opulence

Undeniable – Get what you want on your own terms and smell great doing it

Goliath – scent of strength and determination


A line of designer fragrances by globally recognized mystic, Emme Rain!

Blended with magickal, mystical, powerful intentions, these fragrances are like wearing your magick all day long. Very high vibrational scents that will shift your reality!


EmmePorium, EmmePyre, EmmeBossed, EmmePowered, R$ch B$tch, EmmePressed, Soul Snatch, Enchantment, Get Money, Undeniable, Goliath, Phoenix, EMerge, Goddess, Millionaires

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(verified owner)

It took me a while to purchase R$ch B$tch after hearing about it for some time. I enjoy the scent for it’s light and citrus aroma. One bonus is the crystal handful of crystal stones at the bottom. It is uplifting and will shift your mood entirely. I mist it on my money and purses to invite the energy of wealth to me daily. The bottle itself is just a delight to sit with other perfume collections, the only small issue I have is my spray nozzle leaks a bit and I lose a bit of the product when I attempt to spray.

We’re sorry to hear that. Please write us at [email protected] and request a replacement nozzle.

(verified owner)

First off this Enchantment and Soul Snatch smell sooooooooo good. Like fresh picked magnolia flowers. So soft and sweet….I get compliments all day long….I WANT THE WHOLE COLLECTION…..♥️

(verified owner)

I have purchased
R$Ch B$tch Mist
I have receive compliments when wearing each of these fragrances. I feel empowered and divine. They are well blended, long lasting and can be used in your magickal workings as well. I have a few more to add to my collection. R$ch B$tch is magickal all by itself. It sets me off on my day and when paired with the oil I feel that I will accomplish all of my goals for the day. Don’t sleep on these fragrances, you’ll find yourself using them instead of the “commercial” perfumes you’ve been used to.

(verified owner)

I have the Undeniable, R$ch B$itch, and Goddess sprays. These fragrences are amazing and are my new Go-To. While wearing the Undeniable Ive received discounts as well as free services. I am in love with the smells. feelings and results while wearing them. I will be purchasing more soon!!!!

(verified owner)

I purchased EmmePorium smells so delicious. I opened the package and sprayed a test spray. OMG….I immediately sprayed myself down before leaving the post office parking lot.

This smells so damn good and right now I am walking around smelling and feeling like a morherfucking Goddess.

(verified owner)

Get money , if money had a smell this is it. I been wearing this and I can truely say it’s worth it.

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EmmeBossed, EmmePyre, EmmePressed, EmmePowered, EmmePorium, R$ch B$tch, Soul Snatch, Enchantment, Get Money, Undeniable, EMerge, Phoenix, Goddess, Millionaires