Magickal Baths

Magickal Baths


Increase your magick and empower your life with these blessed baths.

Bath Blends

FemiVinity, Oshun Beauty Bath, Lasting Love, Fast Money, Goddess, Undeniable, R$ch B$tch, Sugar Daddy, Ascension Survival, Soul Snatch, SunBlissed, Fulfillment, Lux of Lakshmi

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(verified owner)

I purchased Femivinty. I have to say the smell of this product is perfect. It’s not overly strong but when you smell it, it has strength to it. I use this when I need an extra boost of self healing and confidence and I use it as my Venus morning baths. I highly recommend this bath, lotion and oil. Really is amazing.

(verified owner)

I love the Goddess & Sugar Daddy herbal bath’s. They do come in a small glass jar which is perfect for storage and even re-purposing for spell work. So I get double usage out of it! The blend’s are not just beautiful, but smell amazing and the herbs are fresh & vibrant which helps the whole bathing experience. I place the jars on my working altar and charge them before using. Great for personalized & small gifts!

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Magickal baths that enhance your life in amazing ways.

~ Oshun Beauty Bath
~ Lasting Love
~ FemiVinity
~ Fast Money
~ Goddess
~ Undeniable
~ R$ch B$tch
~ Sugar Daddy
~ Ascension Survival
~ Soul Snatch
~ SunBlissed
~ Fulfillment
~ Lux of Lakshmi