Protection Oils

Protection Oils


Oils blended and blessed with the strongest roots and herbs and folk magic known to man to protect or enhance current protection


Protection is absolutely necessary for those in the esoteric, occult, metaphysical community. These oils are a fantastic start and blended strong enough to be perfectly covered without using the whole bottle.

Protection Oils

Impenetrable Defense, 7 African Powers Protection, Cease and Desist, Reverse Blend, Hide Me, Reveal All, Dominate, Demonic Kings

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(verified owner)

I purchased the Impenetrable Defense oil. I use the oil on my candles, my body, my amulets. I use it in my red brick dust , egg shell and black salt mixes that go around my property. This is the best protection oil I have ever used. I dont leave home without it.

(verified owner)

I only have tried the 7 African Powers, Cease and Desist and Dominate. But they are all great in their own way. The one I most use is the 7 African Powers, but the Dominate is absolutely great as well! And Cease and Desist has worked best for me to dispell negativity! So like I mentioned they are all great in their own way and one can NEVER have too much protection!

The first time I used Reveal All, I just happened to find out that my cousin in law had a 18 yr old daughter that nobody knew about. My boyfriend was also very chatty and telling me things he wouldn’t otherwise share. Always use with intention. Powerful stuff

Cease and Desist is a beast. Very fast acting and multi purpose.

(verified owner)

Listen! I’ve used 7 African Powers Cease and Desist and Reverse Blend and ain’t neither one of them ever been for play play. Use Reverse Blend with caution though cause when I tell you somebody ain’t even got time to bother me bc I did the played Uno on dat ass and reversed that bs right on back????

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Protection is necessary throughout life. Not all people have good intentions for you. Low vibrational beings are everywhere looking to feed on higher energy. It’s safer to make protection magick a part of your daily routine.

Our protection care products are highly charged and expertly blended to ensure quality. These are pure oil and herbal blends and not to be ingested. Our protection oils include:

~ Impenetrable Defense protection oil
~ 7 African Powers Protection oil
~ Reveal All Protection oil
~ Reverse Protection oil
~ Hide Me Protection oil
~ Get Over It Protection oil
~ Cease and Desist Protection oil
~ Dominate Protection oil
~ Demonic Kings Protection oil