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  • Solar Plexus Candle

    Balances and energizes the solar plexus to assist with issues of confidence, esteem, physical energy and boldness to act upon your personal truths. The Manipura, also called the third chakra, is the fire of the body and soul. This chakra is the center of self esteem, confidence and self control. Often overlooked, many people do not understand the importance of keeping this chakra aligned and balanced, and thoroughly charged. This candle is great for charging, balancing and aligning this chakra and is best used as a meditative tool. Try to sit with your candle for at least 22 minutes to absorb as much of the energy infused in it as possible.

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    • Solar Plexus
  • Heart Chakra Candle

    The chakra care products are infused through a series of healing modalities to assist with aligning and fortifying the chakras. This heart chakra candle is infused to shift the heart chakra within the first use. This is designed to be a meditative or energy shifting tool so sit with it at least 11 minutes after lighting and spend time with it throughout the day. Also works to heal the energy of a home and great when paired with Law of Love, Family Restoration and Fulfillment.

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  • Chakra of Wealth Reading

    An opportunity to be scanned to identify which areas you are showing the most potential for wealth and what areas are blocking you from producing wealth.

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  • Chakra Alignment Candle

    Keep your energetic body in alignment with a healthy, balanced flow, which helps you stay healthier, happier, more positive and increases your ability to manifest what you truly desire. This candle has already been ritually charged. Sit with it for at least 5 minutes when you first light it to absorb the energy of the burn.

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Showing all 4 results