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  • DreamWalker Oil

    DreamWalker oil was blended to access the dreamscape and explore dream magick. In dreamscape, there are possibilities that do not exist in the denser world of our reality. Through dreamscape, you can shift your energy and have experiences that change your life. You can walk dreams, interpret them, and stay protected. Great for divination, dream walking, dream infusions, protection work, and remote viewing. Use this oil in your diffuser before bed, in baths and foot soaks, or wear over third eye and pulse points before going into divination or dreamland. Enhances trance state when worn directly. Always do a skin test before major body application.

    • channeling
    • Dark Arts
    • Dreamscape
    • DreamWalker
  • Intuition Oil

    Strengthen your intuition to cosmic levels and protect yourself from the projections of others and your own inner shadows that can throw you off. Intuition is blended for 4 distinct purposes but the uses don’t stop there. Created to help you learn the vibration of true intuition, it protects from the projections of others, your inner fears and biases, prior experiences and deceptions. This oil is used to assist you with getting attuned within to receive divine messages and guidance and to hear more clearly from your oversoul and spiritual team. It heightens your reception of frequency and assists with gaining understanding of the things you receive. Use in bath, over your crown and third eye, keep burning in your diffuser or oil warmer, and use in your candle work.

    • channeling
    • frequency
    • Intuition
    • Reading
  • Crow Magick Candle

    Tap into the energy and magick of crows and use in rituals for restoration, channeling, veilwalking, protection and more.

    • channeling
    • Crows
    • divination
    • life restoration
    • necromancy
  • Wealth of Wisdom Candle

    Wealth of Wisdom is a powerful candle used to channel through wisdom and guidance from the ancestors and/or your spirit team. It helps you to align more perfectly with your oversoul to get clearer communication and is charged to guide you into a wealthier life all around.

    • ancestors
    • Ancient ones
    • channeling
    • downloads
    • ritual candle
    • soy candle
    • soy wax
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom
  • Wealth of Wisdom

    Wealth of Wisdom is a blend to bring in ancient wisdom from your bloodline, your spirit team and to tap into the knowledge of past lives. This is a channeling oil, meaning that it can cause lucid dreams and downloads of information. Wear it, bathe in it or use in your candles and diffusers.

    • ancestors
    • Ancients
    • channeling
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom
  • Essence of Thoth Oil

    The energy of Thoth is timeless and is responsible for civilization itself. Adding this powerful energy into your life will help you understand deeper, grant you access to higher knowledge and empower your creative processes.

    • channeling
    • Deity
    • Spiritual Power
    • Summoning
  • Akasha Oil

    Access to your Akashic records, past lives and great for past life regressions. This oil is powerful.

    • Akashic records
    • channeling
    • divination
    • past lives
    • Spiritual Power
  • Seal of Hermes Oil

    This oil is about opening doors, unlocking gates, gaining access to hidden realms and esoteric knowledge. Infused with the energy of Mercury and of Tehuti/Thoth, all workers need this oil in their work, OBEs and journeys.

    • channeling
    • Hermes
    • knowledge
    • messenger god
    • Spiritual Power
    • Wednesday workings
  • Ancient Secrets Channeling Blend

    Channel wisdom and knowledge from those who laid the foundations of creation, the Ancient Ones!

    • Ancestral Veneration
    • automatic writing
    • channeling
    • divining
    • Spiritual Power

Showing all 9 results