healing goddess

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  • Sekhmet Candle

    Sekhmet, the warrior, protectress, destroyer and also the wise guide, strategist and healer. She’s a champion for those who work with her.

    • healing goddess
    • Protection
    • protectress
    • Sekhmet
  • Maia Oil

    Mother of Hermes, one of the 7 Pleiadian sisters, goddess who brings increase and balance. She is the embodiment of healing sound and nourishing energy.

    • 7 sisters
    • healing goddess
    • Maia
    • mother of Hermes
    • Pleiadian
    • Spiritual Power
  • Guan Yin Oil

    Goddess of compassion, mercy, kindness and humanity. She is a mother, lover and guide.

    • goddess of compassion
    • healing goddess
    • Kuan Yin
    • Spiritual Power

Showing all 3 results