lucid dreams

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  • DreamWalker Candle

    DreamWalker candle was created to access the dreamscape and explore dream magick. In dreamscape, there are possibilities that do not exist in the denser world of our reality. Through dreamscape, you can shift your energy and have experiences that change your life. You can walk dreams, interpret them, and stay protected. Great for divination, dream walking, dream infusions, protection work, and remote viewing. The candle experience makes for swifter connection and fiery protection.

    • dream interpretation
    • dream walking
    • Dreamscape
    • lucid dreams
  • Mystic Rain Oil

    My signature blend of herbs and oils designed for channelers and those who cross the veil, astral travel, etc. This is the blend to enhance all your mystic powers.

    • lucid dreams
    • mediumship
    • Mystic Rain
    • OBE
    • out of body experience
    • Spiritual Power

Showing all 2 results