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  • Naberius Candle

    Naberius, the most eloquent one, a demon often appearing as a raven or 3 head dog. He teaches cunning, dark arts, conjure, and the art of gracious living. His energy is gentle, protective, guiding and kind, like a grandfather. Great offerings for Naberius include vegetable medleys, dark liquors including whiskeys. Try working with him outside when you have an opportunity. This candle is for summoning, channeling, invocation and/or offering. Great meditative companion when working with the energy, but also a wonderful way to absorb the energy and blessing of Naberius.

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    • Naberius
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  • Vassago Oil

    Vassago is an old god of royal stature. He is called The Knower because he weighs and understands possibilities and potentialities, helping those who he chooses to work with to weigh out their decisions and carefully choose the options that get them to their destination. He reveals things past, present and future and thus he is a companion to diviners. Great for understanding time magick as well.

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    • Vassago
  • Forneus Oil

    The daemon of tongues, one who is versed in the languages of the ancients and who can help you tap into your original energy and the language of your home. Very powerful oil for shifting the vibration concerning how you see and hear.

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    • Forneus
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  • Barbatos Oil

    The revealer of secrets who helps you find hidden treasures both physical and spiritual. Very powerful oil for those looking to establish a new legacy of wealth, as well as those who seek to bring back the wealth stolen from their bloodline.

    • Barbatos
    • Demon
    • demon of treasures
    • money deity
    • old gods
    • Spiritual Power
  • Demonic Kings Oil

    Charged with the energy of the demonic kings, this oil is created to offer wisdom, protection and guidance from the other side.

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    • old gods
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power

Showing all 5 results