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  • Shielded Candle

    Life can be difficult to navigate sometimes. If you are an empath or spiritual worker, there is the added issue of psychic attacks and attachments. This candle is blended specifically for psychic protection and provides a fiery wall of protection within a short time after lighting up. Try to sit with this candle for a minimum of 11 minutes after first lighting it to absorb all of the first energies of this magick.

    • Aura protection
    • protection candle
    • Psychic protection
  • Fortified Candle

    You are strong, so be strong. You are protected. You are safe. You are looked after by your ancestors, your spirit team and fully supported by cosmic forces who are benevolent towards you. The Fortified candle helps you tap in and keeps you shielded from anything that would shatter you. It is fiery and quick acting in candle form. Fortified is the magick of unified power. It combines the protective elements of love with dark energy shields to create a flowing and gentle feeling protective aura. Even so, this protective magick is almost completely unbreakable by outside forces.

    • protection candle
  • Warrior Candle

    Created with the energy of the furies, this is a candle of offensive and aggressive protection.

    • Dark Arts
    • defensive magick
    • Furies
    • offensive magick
    • protection candle
  • Hide Me Candle

    Hide Me, the sealing, cloaking, protective powerhouse of an oil has now become a candle experience. Hide Me is a great protective force, powerful for hiding your business ideas, and other aspects that you want to keep cloaked. Hide Me has also been charged to bring a painful experience to those who seek to banefully connect to you. Soy wax, crushed crystal and more enhance the power of this candle!

    • cloaking
    • Protection
    • protection candle
    • ritual candle
    • spell candle
    • Spiritual Power
  • Cease and Desist Candle

    Stop all baneful magick, jealousy, energetic vamping in its tracks. This candle is a premium protection candle created to purge hexes, curses, binds, crossings and more.

    • baneful magick
    • Cease and Desist
    • Protection
    • protection candle
  • Impenetrable Defense Candle

    Create a strong aura and a force field of protection both at home and at work.

    • aura sealing
    • defense
    • Impenetrable Defense
    • Protection
    • protection candle

Showing all 6 results