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  • Fortified Oil

    You are strong, so be strong. You are protected. You are safe. You are looked after by your ancestors, your spirit team and fully supported by cosmic forces who are benevolent towards you. This oil helps you tap in and keeps you shielded from anything that would shatter you. Fortified is the magick of unified power. It combines the protective elements of love with dark energy shields to create a flowing and gentle feeling protective aura. Even so, this protective magick is almost completely unbreakable by outside forces. Use in your daily baths, in your diffusers around your home and office space and use in all your protection magick. Wear over your pulse points, but only use a dab. High oil content! (Always do a skin test before applying over large portions of the body)

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  • Infernal Altar Mist

    Infernal, the fire of the soul. The energy of the infernal realm is captured in this product. Created as a soul and vitality restoring blend, Infernal helps you tap into deeper secrets both within yourself and the Universe as a whole. The first flames of life raged here and any flame can be rekindled. Use Infernal mist as a divination tool to get deeper into your origins, to see soul truth and to heal any damage to your soul. It may also be used to tap into infernal magick for protection, life-lengthening work, for cosmic workings and to tap into triune magick (primordial-infernal-universal).

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Showing all 2 results