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  • Brahma Candle

    The great wise sage and creator spirit of Brahma, he who elevates your frequency and amplifies your own creative potential. This candle is infused with his energy and charged through sigil for manifestation, healing and elevation.

    • Brahma
    • healing
    • Sage
    • wisdom
  • Minerva Oil

    The embodiment of wisdom and justice, she is the guide who assists in helping your life and your actions make sense, coalesce into something beautiful.

    • arts
    • education
    • Minerva
    • Roman goddess
    • wisdom
  • Metatron Oil

    Metatron, considered the angel of knowledge and scribe of god, is actually a god, the divine energy of knowledge. Metatron is the energy of knowledge, embodied knowledge. The secrets of creation and the cycle of the Universe rest within this being. Metatron’s cube of wholeness, solidarity and balance even through states of flux is very powerful and is representative of the womb, making it one of the most powerful manifestation tools available to man. This oil is an offering and summoning oil created to channel the energy and power of Metatron or to be used as an offering to his energy.

    • angel of knowledge
    • knowledge
    • manifestation
    • Metatron
    • metatron’s cube
    • platonic solids
    • wisdom
  • Oshun Candle

    Oshun beauty, wisdom and love candle filled with power and energy for your ritual and spell work.

    • beauty
    • glamour
    • Love
    • Orisha
    • Oshun
    • wisdom
  • Wealth of Wisdom Candle

    Wealth of Wisdom is a powerful candle used to channel through wisdom and guidance from the ancestors and/or your spirit team. It helps you to align more perfectly with your oversoul to get clearer communication and is charged to guide you into a wealthier life all around.

    • ancestors
    • Ancient ones
    • channeling
    • downloads
    • ritual candle
    • soy candle
    • soy wax
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom
  • Pachamama Candle

    Pachamama summoning and connection candle, infused with the energy of Pachamama for support, wisdom, shifts in paradigms and more.

    • Pachamama
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom
  • Wealth of Wisdom

    Wealth of Wisdom is a blend to bring in ancient wisdom from your bloodline, your spirit team and to tap into the knowledge of past lives. This is a channeling oil, meaning that it can cause lucid dreams and downloads of information. Wear it, bathe in it or use in your candles and diffusers.

    • ancestors
    • Ancients
    • channeling
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom
  • Marduk Oil

    The god of magick and father of humanity, Marduk is considered the son of Ea in some traditions. Very powerful watery energy that represents that which is hidden and bringing order to that which is revealed.

    • divine guidance
    • Ea
    • god of magic
    • Marduk
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom
  • Neith Oil

    Summon this Egyptian road opening warrior to better your life. Neith is a creation goddess, known to bring power and acceleration into the lives of those who work with her. She is called THE WEAVER of fate, destiny and opportunity, thus many venerated her as a road opener and a goddess of war, strategy and of course wisdom. Creating a relationship with Neith requires honesty and time. She is called the Elevated One or She Who Cannot Be Known by many because she pulls you into higher realms rather than come down to the lower in most cases. Allow your relationship with her to be authentic. Be honest with her and honest about yourself. Truth endears her to you.

    • goddess of war
    • Neith
    • road opener
    • Spiritual Power
    • weaver
    • wisdom
  • Dark Mother Oil

    Connect with the primordial mother and energies of creation. This oil is great for mastery of self and of the arts. Created for wear and bath, as well as ritual, it is a multi-use oil. It is blended strong so please do a skin test before applying all over your body.

    • clarity
    • dark energy
    • essential oil
    • primordial energy
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom

Showing all 10 results