Majesty Butter

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Majesty Butter



Slather up in the energy of royal privilege and power. Majesty is wearable magick that infuses your body with the energy of divinity. Great way to practice consistent magick.



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  • Majesty Mist

    2 oz of power to wear, use around the house, in your automobile or anywhere you want to shift the atmosphere swiftly.

    • aromatherapy
    • Body spray
    • fragrance mist
    • home mist


  • Majesty Oil

    Calling in royal privilege and power, this oil is a daily use and a life tool!

    • divine favor
    • divine power
    • Majesty
    • royal privilege


  • Undeniable Oil

    Get what you want and call forth what you are due through this dark energy blend. You take up the helm and become asker and answerer as well as receiver.

    • Clarity and Direction
    • Spiritual Power