Masterful Oil

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Masterful Oil


Masterful is a 1 oz offering size because of the strength of the herbal blend in it. It is best used daily in wear, bath, candles, diffuser and offerings. Be clear about the areas you want to master each day that you use it. Sure to become one of your lifetime favorites, this oil oozes with power. Make sure you are open to absorb it all and direct it toward your aims.



Masterful is charged with the energy of mastery, which is balance, harmony, control and power. This blend is great for wear, bath and specifically blended for head work. Use it in ritual, spells, to dress candles and in water or offerings. It is supercharged, and cycled through multiple deities, blended with Saturn, Mercury and Venus energies, a dynamic which gives it cosmic balance to bring more power to every aspect of life from love to healing to manifestation.

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