Money Mentorship

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Money Mentorship



The Money Mentorship is a focus on money matters, both personal and business. Emme Rain goes over a variety of practical and metaphysical money lessons that prepares the mentees to grow more abundant and prosperous through several mediums available to most. Included in the mentorship:
1. Credit and how to use it as an asset.
2. Managing debt -good versus bad debt
3. Income avenues for the average person
4. Business ideas and expansion techniques
5. Investments and passive income
6. Real estate considerations
7. Metaphysical understanding of money
8. Magickal techniques for wealth and much more

Please request the FB mentorship group after purchase at

If you’d like to pay the monthly option of $500 per month for 12 months, please use this link to sign up for autodraft and then request the group above.



1 year program. Emme Rain trains and teaches on money creation, management and growth!


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