Sexual Prowess Journal

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Sexual Prowess Journal


First developed as a course for Divinity Academy, Sexual Prowess is a journal that helps you tap into your latent sexual energy. One of the most powerful forms of magick is sex magick, but unfortunately, it is also the most overlooked. Even so, sex magick has been a part of life for as long as there has been life and magick. Sexual Prowess is an introduction into using sexual energy to heal yourself and manifest the life you desire. It’s all about the energy and as energy goes, sexual energy would be considered the crème de la crème! It’s wholesome, pure and powerfully transformative!

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Sex magick introduction journal to help you learn to channel your sexual energy toward healing and manifestation. One of Emme Rain’s bestselling classes, the journal spent 5 days as the #1 New Release on Amazon and 8 days in the top #25 in its category.


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