Key of Me Bath

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Key of Me Bath



Bath in and soak in the essence of self love, self honor, confidence and courage. Be you, freely!



Key of Me bath is a blend of herbs and essences that help you tap into the truth of yourself. It has a clearing and healing effect. It also has a calming effect on the mind and heart. Our customers rank this one of our top 10 bath blends.


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    Key of Me is confidence, freedom and personal power in product form. Each of these is energetically infused and powerful in daily use.

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  • Fulfillment Oil

    Fulfillment is about self-love, wholeness, and wealth in all areas. It is the energy of completion and sweetness, elevation and evolution. It’s one of the sweetest vibrations in a bottle you’ll ever experience! Use to fortify you within and nourish your heart, this oil calls you into a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself. Best to use 2 droppers full in a bath or worn directly or in your lotion. Add to your healing or wealth candle work to enhance the outcome so that it is fulfilling instead of stressful. Use in the diffuser or oil warmer. Fulfillment has a nourishing base and helps soothe skin as well.

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  • Key of Me Oil

    Operate in the most beautiful key of YOU! This blend accentuates the greatness within.

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