BD Energy Bath

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BD Energy Bath



This bath blend was created to infuse courage, boldness in thought and action, to invoke initiative. Time to have the RIGHT audacity.



Boss diva, boldly divine, big dawg energy… this is courage and boldness in a bag.


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    Boss Diva Energy, Big D**k Energy, the energy of taking charge of your life and making the raw material into what you choose. THIS is alchemy and the energy is palpable for days!!!

    • boldness
    • Boss energy
    • confidence
    • Protection
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  • BD Energy Oil

    Boss Diva/Big D**k Energy, the blend created from the personal energy of Emme Rain, used to shift your vibration, focus and reality. This is a great blend for candle work and bath time or foot soaks, although it does contain both clove and cinnamon. Powerful aroma and even more powerful vibration. This blend has a protective element as well. Use when you want to intensify your charisma, attraction or blend with Enchantment to create favor everywhere you go. It is also great to use as a domination blend.

    • courage
    • Get Pampered
    • Love and Sex
    • personal power
    • Protection