Cosmic Events

Jan 6th: Mars leaves Aries, its ruling sign. This will be a change in pace as things may have felt like it had to be done quickly or at that very moment. It will be in more the grounding sign of Taurus.
Jan 12th: New Moon in Capricorn. Great time to reflect and ground yourself. Clarify your goals and intentions that you have set for this point and forward. What areas do you want to focus on or feel need to be worked on in your life.
Jan 13th: Mars will square Saturn- This is great for bringing closure to any final things that you have been working to release that is tension in your life. Be cautious of situations that can cause conflict and tension. Boundaries are important to maintain for yourself.
Jan 14th: Uranus leaves retrograde. This leaving is a time where no major planets are retrograde.
Jan 17th: Jupiter squares Uranus: Change may occur around this time that you can look forward to.
Jan 28th: Full Moon in Leo. This represents a time of making bold movies. Big energy.
Jan 30th: Mercury enters retrograde for the first to 3-4 times this year. It will be retrograde until Feb 21st in the sign of Aquarius. This time can be used best to reconnect with old friends and dreams.

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