Cosmic Events

October 1st: Full Harvest Moon in Aries
October 4th: Pluto stations direct after beginning in retrograde since April. Start to see forward movement and transformations fully taking place.
October 9th: Mars Square Pluto: some tension may arise on this day. Mars is still in retrograde so be calm and gentle with yourself and situations on this day.
October 13th: Mercury Retrograde. After 2 weeks of its shadow phase Mercury the planet of technology and communication is asking you to work through any old patterns that arise or resurface at this time. Double check contracts, emails, messages, etc.
October 16th: Super Moon in Libra. This is the closest moon and signifies New Beginnings are close with some work to still do. Libra is about balancing the scales and justice for all sides.
October 17th: High Vibration frequencies as the Sun aligns with Arcturus. Great energy on this day.
October 22nd: Scorpio Season Begins
October 31st: 2nd Full Moon in the month. Blue Moon in Taurus. Connecting with higher realms and consciousness.

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