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  • The Magick of Glamours Journal

    Glamours are as old as time, enchanting the eyes and hearts of those who behold the enchantress. The Magick of Glamours guided journal is designed to help you dig into who you are and what you really want so that you can target your magick toward the specific outcomes, using glamours to gain favors and recognition. Glamours are also powerful for self love work. As you work the magick and conjure the image and frequency you want to wrap yourself in, it also becomes a part of your subconscious and starts to shift how you see yourself, as well as how it feels to be you. Follow these 99 journal prompts to change everything about your life. It will change how you are seen and the outcomes of your daily activity. Powerful magick and realizations lie between the covers!

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  • Exalted Candle

    Lifted and supported in this life and from those beyond it!

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    • Exalted
    • glamours
    • lifted
    • supported
  • Enchantment Candle

    Be enchanting and alluring, get what you want. Enchantment is blended and infused with powerful enchantments that can be used in your professional life and love life. It is the energy of getting what you want on your own terms. Set a clear intention and write down your intended outcome. Place under the candle as it burns. Sit with it for at least 15 minutes to soak in the vibration of the enchantments.

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  • Enchantment Oil

    Enchantment is the oil to gain favor, attention, and attract to you anyone who brings you closer to what you desire. It’s a go to and staple that should be used daily in a bath or worn over pulse points. The attraction factor picks up almost immediately. Also use in your diffuser to bring that same energy to your entire house.

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    • Love and Sex
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  • Glamour Me Oil

    Infused with mesmerizing essences and the energy of beauty and attraction. This oil is perfect for healing self esteem issues and also for performing glamours in which you shift your appearance and appeal in the eyes of others.

    • attraction spell
    • glamour magic
    • glamours
    • Spiritual Power
  • Glamour Me Bath

    The energy of beauty, desire and happiness in one bath blend. A beautiful experience!

    • aura magick
    • beauty
    • desire
    • Get Pampered
    • glamours

Showing all 6 results