The Magick of Glamours Journal

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The Magick of Glamours Journal


Learn to create glamours in your life that assist you with finding success in every area of it.

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Glamours are as old as time, enchanting the eyes and hearts of those who behold the enchantress. The Magick of Glamours guided journal is designed to help you dig into who you are and what you really want so that you can target your magick toward the specific outcomes, using glamours to gain favors and recognition.
Glamours are also powerful for self love work. As you work the magick and conjure the image and frequency you want to wrap yourself in, it also becomes a part of your subconscious and starts to shift how you see yourself, as well as how it feels to be you.
Follow these 99 journal prompts to change everything about your life. It will change how you are seen and the outcomes of your daily activity. Powerful magick and realizations lie between the covers!


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