Akashic Reading

Akashic Reading


Take a journey into your hall of records and see what and who you really are as well as what things may be at play under the surface of your life. These 30-45 minute readings are powerful and known to remove blockages.

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I have wanted a past life reading for as I can remember. I always sensed that learning about my previous lifetimes would help me. I finally had this done with Emme Rain. I am so excited because I feel empowered. She immediately connected with me and confirmed this be describing a physical pain I had been experiencing but never discussed with anyone. She described behaviors that I have been doing for lifetimes and information that has provided me with so much insight regarding some of my decisions and desires. She was able to review my records and bring the relevance of her findings to some of the challenges that have been holding me back in this lifetime. Her insight and guidance have literally unlocked some missing info that I needed to continue in my ascension. I’m so grateful for her gift. Her energy, connection, goddess power, and spiritual abilities are amazing. I’d recommend anyone who is being urged to have this done to do it with Emme, The Magickal Mystic!

I had the privilege of getting an Akashic Records reading from Emme Rain to get some clarity on my past lives and what I need to be working on now to keep moving forward and fulfill my lifes plan. I will start off by saying I was excited and nervous about my reading. I had absolutely no expectations about what she would say I just wanted to partake in journey and knowledge. I will not go into details about my session but needless to say every single question I had, was answered and then some. Emme was very, very detailed and linked things from my past lives to my current life. After getting off the phone with her I cried tears of hope, tears of Gratitude, and tears of stepping and accepting of I truly am. Please if you have any questions and you want to know the truth of who you truly are invest in yourself, not for you but all those who are waiting for you. I woke up with a new sense of determination and strength today. I’m am grateful for the time and energy Emme spent with me. Thank you Asé.

This was my first ever akashic record reading and boy was it an eye opener for me. Emme was gentle, down to earth, funny and very honest with what she saw in my records, good and bad. I was able to understand why certain things in my present life were happening based on past Incarnations and how to better navigate my life. I found out the appearance of who I truly am at my core and also the lineage I belonged to. Emme was also able to peak into the future and give me a solid glimpse of what was to come and what to prepare for. She answered all my questions and really helped give my life more substance and meaning. I am grateful, this reading is worth every penny. Emme is the real deal, she knew absolutely nothing about me or my personal life before the reading. It was all divine channeling and extremely accurate in every sense of the word. Thank you Emme!

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