Undeniable Butter

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Undeniable Butter

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Spread on the energy of YES in all areas of life. Made with shea, cocoa and mango butters and powerful essences.



Spread on the energy of YES!

2 reviews for Undeniable Butter

  1. JAMIE CANDICE HOPKINS (verified owner)

    Oh my!!! This Undeniable body butter is 🔥💥🔥!!! It is so luscious, luxurious, and delicious. That’s before you even get to the scent. I love the scent of the Undeniable oil blend, and the candle hits a tad bit more. But this butter has got them both beat hands down. My inner goddess has stepped forth with the elegance to which she is amply afforded and told me to sit down, she’s running things now.
    I can’t wait till tomorrow when I try out the Enchantment body butter.

  2. Sherell Mandolph

    Slathered this on my whole body before court this morning setting the intentions of being in & out. Thought I was going to be there for a while because I hadn’t rectified the violation and I was part of standing room only due to it being crowded. After the 2nd roll call, I was excused as my case was dimissed! In & out in 25 minutes! No fines, nothing. This product is great for those who have trouble receiving as well!

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