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  • Fresh Start Candle

    New beginnings and restarts are opportunities to use what you have learned to create amazing outcomes for yourself and your family. The magick in this blend is infused with the energy of Spring, the energy of the divine mothers, with the energy of Creators and aligned to help you start again and be SUCCESSFUL this time.

    • New beginnings
    • Prosperity
    • refresh
    • reset
    • restart
  • Ayida Wedo Mist

    Be transformed by the power of Ayida, the water serpent of love, fertility and spiritual power! Ayida is a goddess of fertility and creativity, bringing plentifulness to your mind and heart. She is powerful for creatives, but also amazing to work with if you have actual fertility issues. She is a love goddess, but her approach is to wake it up fully inside you so that you charm and attract all the right people. She is an enchantress, using her power to create new pathways.

    • Ayida Wedo
    • creativity
    • fertility
    • Prosperity
    • water serpent
  • Mogul Candle

    Mogul is the energy of success in business and affluence. We combined the energy of real estate, media, marketing, sales, and other business moves into one product to ensure expansive and swift success as you continually work this energy and pull it into your business, your side endeavors, your real estate and investment portfolios and more. Use this candle by pulling the energy OUT of it and into your life and your business. Sit with it each time you burn one and allow yourself to align with the energy of the mogul who created it. See yourself in agreement and your business and other incomes growing as a result of the agreement. Visualization is key! Pro Tip: Burn this candle in connection with Millionaires and Luxurious candles and oils to create the energy of wealth in your home. Let them burn until they go out on their own if you can but PLEASE practice fire safety.

    • Abundance
    • business tycoon
    • Mogul
    • money magic
    • Prosperity
  • Pluton Oil

    Pluton is the god of the underworld, lord of death, power, rebirth and also the great god of wealth. He is a tremendous force as strategy is his strong point and he decides which direction ancestral wealth flows. He is one of the best allies to have.

    • god of the underworld
    • Pluto
    • Pluton
    • Prosperity
    • wealth
  • Wealth of the Wicked Oil

    Wealth of the Wicked is an oil blended to take the spoils of the enemy once they have declared themselves an enemy through their actions against you. Harness all the negative energy being sent to call in the things you actually desire. This is transmutation on 1000.

    • Prosperity
    • Protection
    • ritual work
    • wealth
  • Virtues of Venus Candle

    The power, wisdom, feminine energy and other attributes of the celestial body, Venus. Can be used with any Venus associated deities or to call in any of the virtues. Very powerful blend for serious channelers and those skilled at working with powerful energies.

    • beauty
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Wealth of the Wicked Candle

    Wealth of the Wicked is a candle charged to harness all negative energy, all attacks and all harmful acts thrown at or done to you, both now and in the past. This candle is charged to help you absorb the energy and transmute it to wealth. I highly suggest you keep them burning, especially during times of attack or pettiness so that you can use the energy toward what you desire most. It is charged already toward your wealth via real estate, businesses, investments, gifts and more. Still, set your own specific intentions. Write out your desires and place under the candle.

    • Candle
    • Prosperity
    • soy wax
    • wealth
  • Lux of Lakshmi Candle

    Lux of Lakshmi is about calling for the spiritual and physical wealth you’ve longed for, happiness and abundance of mind, body and soul.

    • Ascension
    • beauty
    • Get Pampered
    • Lakshmi
    • Prosperity
    • Sri Lakshmi
    • wealth
  • Maia Candle

    Great Goddess who carries all aspects within herself. She is great for inner freedom, fulfillment, wealth and abundance, as well as healing. She is the embodiment of healing sound and nourishing energy.

    • goddess Maia
    • healer
    • Maia
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Fast Money Candle

    Get through financial strain by using this candle to call forth quick money to handle pressing matters.

    • candles
    • Fast Money
    • magick
    • money magic
    • Prosperity
  • Phoenix Candle

    The courage, the wiles, the wisdom, the power and the flames of the Phoenix in one candle. Infused with the energy of rejuvenation, protection and prosperity as well as fame.

    • Phoenix
    • Prosperity
    • Protection
    • reincarnation
    • Spiritual Power
  • Abundance Candle

    Step into the energy of abundance in all areas of your life. Abundance is a blend of essential oils, herbs and crystals infused with the energy of Universal abundance. It is the candle of manifestation of options, more than enough and fullness. Pro Tip: Write a list of the areas you’d like increase in your life. Then add some specifics for each. Create a five candle grid with Abundance, Attraction, Fulfillment, Undeniable with the Manifestation candle in the middle. Let it burn until all candles burn out on their own.

    • healing
    • manifestation
    • Money
    • Prosperity
    • wealth
  • Generational Wealth Candle

    Blended and blessed with ancestral energy and charged to bring forth wealth due to you AND your entire bloodline.

    • ancestors
    • ancestral wealth
    • Prosperity
  • Debt Cancellation Candle

    Created to cancel the energy of debt in your life while bringing in resources to shift your current relationship with money, material things and bills.

    • credit repair
    • Debt removal
    • money magic
    • Prosperity
  • Better Business Candle

    Get your business moving in the right direction. Blended to increase client base and client retention, boost sales and grow your business, this candle is a necessity for weekly work while you build your business.

    • business builder
    • Business candle
    • Clarity and Direction
    • Prosperity
  • Millionaires Kit

    Get the full treatment- Millionaires fragrance, salt, butter, candle and oil  to get you going down your path to abundance

    • Magickal Mystic Millionaires
    • Millionaires
    • money kit
    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth kit

Showing 1–16 of 63 results