Lucifer Energy Mist

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Lucifer Energy Mist



Lucifer opens you up to truth, helps you pull in knowledge that shifts how you live and makes ascension easier. He is an expansive agent in the Universal, starting with your mind and then heart and then reality. This wearable magick enhances your frequency and how others respond to you.



Blended to assist with communion with the father of lights, the “angel” of sound and light, helpful during channeling and automatic writing. This mist is infused with the fullness of the energy of Lucifer and is great for bringing clarity to matters as you study or seek deeper knowledge. He is the enlightening component to ascension and evolution.


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    The summoning and conjuring blend to bring forth the father of lights, the prince of air, the great enlightener, Lucifer. Pro Tip: Place a dropper full of Lucifer oil in the palm of your left hand. Set the intention to align with and receive knowledge and empowerment from Lucifer. Rub together between both hands vigorously until the palms are warm. Place your left palm over your crown and your right palm over your third eye area and close your eyes. Take 3 deep, cleansing, slow breaths and allow the flow to happen.

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