While most companies mass produce their oils, butters, and fragrances, we at Magickal Mystic pride ourselves in hand crafting every single oil, butter, fragrance and candle. We not only create the products you know and love, but we infuse them with beautiful, tangible energy that can shift your reality. From start to finish, we give you our best!

Product Categories

Deity Statues

Deity statue selection for altars, shrines, and sacred spaces.

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Magickal Bath

Give yourself much needed and deserved TLC with these spirit and skin pampering magickal bath blends.

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Magickal Candles

Dressed candles infused with intention and energy to assist in creating your desired outcome.

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Magickal Fragrance

Energy infused fragrances designed help you attract more of what you want, support your intentions, and smell amazing in the process.

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Magickal Home Mist

Sprays to clear the energy of a space and create a great air of peace and calm.

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Magickal Kits & Bundles

Multiple magickal products with the same energetic intention. Paired together to help you call forth and embody the energy in multiple ways.

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Magickal Oils

Energy infused oils designed to assist with your overall life satisfaction, intentions, and growth.

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Magickal Skin & Body Care

Skincare products that improves your skin’s appearance and your vibration…

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  • Oshun Oil

    Call forth the beautiful and abundant energy of Oshun, goddess of the rivers, love, beauty and fertility.

    • Goddess of Sweet Water
    • Orisha
    • Oshun
    • Spiritual Power
    Sale! $10.00O-0297
  • Parvati Oil

    Work with the illustrious energy of the beautiful and wise Parvati.

    • beauty
    • goddess
    • Hindu deity
    • Spiritual Power
    • Summoning
  • Kali Ma Oil

    Kali Ma is dark wisdom and love, but also destruction and protection. She is primordial and an asset to those who can call forth a relationship with her. Pro Tip: When calling forth Kali, lay out a black or dark blue cloth. Sprinkle some hibiscus flowers around the sacred space and add a little lemon juice to her water. Mantra: Om Kring Kalikaye Namo Namaha

    • goddess of death
    • goddess of time
    • Kali Ma
    • Mahakali
    • Spiritual Power
  • Lux of Lakshmi Oil

    Summon and infuse yourself with the energies of this dynamic mother, sister, wife. Lakshmi represents the best of divinity and humanity. Now known as Lux of Lakshmi oil

    • goddess of wealth
    • Lakshmi
    • Spiritual Power
    • Sri Lakshmi
  • Lilith Oil

    Summoning the queen of femininity, goddess of divine feminine empowerment. Mother and warrior, get to know this fierce energy.

    • Lilith
    • rise of the divine feminine
    • Spiritual Power
  • Samael Oil

    Angelic/demonic energy that brings high level protection, helps you to discover hidden things and guides you through ascension. To work with Samael, start slowly and be consistent. Incense and libation, meditation time spent with him and then work up to offerings which most times will be meat requests. This energy can be very sexually stimulating and tends to charge up the lower chakras during meditation time.

    • angel
    • Protection
    • Samael
    • Spiritual Power
    • summoning oil
  • Shango Oil

    Work with Shango on a continual basis for ongoing protection over you and your family. Also a great energy to add to your wealth work.

    • divinity
    • Orisha
    • Shango
    • Spiritual Power
  • Ogun Oil

    God of metals and technology, the ninja Orisha Ogun is one of the 7 African Powers, very protective and loyal. This oil both summons and energizes him. Ogun is amazing to work with for money work and business work, especially if technology is a major part of how you do business. He is a great protector for you and your family, and especially for new marriages.

    • god of metal
    • god of technology
    • Ogun
    • Spiritual Power
  • Olodumare Oil

    The god of gods, the Chief Orisha, creator and keeper of all things, The Most High. This oil is used to honor and/or summon him. Olodumare invocation or summoning chant for healing and protection: E leh voh alah so leh, meaning by the flesh and bone of this body, I honor the maker and call him forth!

    • Creator
    • Olodumare
    • Orisha
    • Spiritual Power
  • Olokun Oil

    Summon the master of emotions, spirituality and mysticism, Olokun. He is the god of the deep.

    • god of the deep
    • Olokun
    • Orisha
    • Spiritual Power
  • Oba Oil

    This oil is infused with the energy of Oba, the loyal lady of the Orisha and protector of marriage and family. Suggestions: When first starting a relationship with Oba, set up a space just for her so that you can learn her energy. She’s much more subtle than most energies but her power is constant and flowing, which makes her a great selection for those with small children or a large family.

    • goddess of family
    • Oba
    • Orisha
    • Spiritual Power
  • Oya Oil

    Experience the power of the veilwalking goddess, Orisha of the storms and also the marketplace, Oya. Oya is the goddess of change, of the marketplace and also a storm bringer who removes all dead weight and the things that have you in bondage. As the Creatrix behind much of the Emme Rain brand, she is proven to show up time and again for those who work with her. Wear her oil, mix with your lotion, use in baths, diffusers and in candle work. Add to your libation to intensify the power of the offering before pouring it upon the earth. Leave a bottle at the gates of the cemetery when working with her darker energy toward mediumship and ancestral elevation.

    • goddess of the marketplace
    • Orisha
    • Oya
    • Spiritual Power
  • Shakti Embrace Oil

    The creative, feminine principle in pure energy form, this oil brings you into close contact with her grace, wisdom and sure power. Awaken the energy of divine motherhood and protector in your life.

    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • DNA Repair and Activate Oil

    Our most powerful blend for those ascending. It heals the DNA and helps to activate more of the code so that you can live a more empowered and successful life. This blend pairs well with the Ancestor blend as the ancestors are an important part of unlocking what lies within.

    • DNA awakening
    • DNA Repair
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • Spiritual Power
  • Kundalini Awakening Oil

    If you’ve wanted to experience the serpent energy, this oil is for you. This blend calls to the kundalini energy resting at the base of your spine and awakens it gently. It helps to clear blockages that cause disruptive, painful kundalini rising events. Powerful blend of herbs and essential oils infused with intention.

    • Kundalini
    • kundalini rising
    • serpent energy
    • Spiritual Power
  • Obey Me Oil

    Get others to obey your wishes or to make energy come into agreement with you. This oil is best used with consistency over the course of a 7 day period before your deadlines.

    • control
    • controlling magick
    • Obey Me
    • Spiritual Power
    • submission

Showing 177–192 of 263 results