While most companies mass produce their oils, butters, and fragrances, we at Magickal Mystic pride ourselves in hand crafting every single oil, butter, fragrance and candle. We not only create the products you know and love, but we infuse them with beautiful, tangible energy that can shift your reality. From start to finish, we give you our best!

Product Categories

Deity Statues

Deity statue selection for altars, shrines, and sacred spaces.

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Magickal Bath

Give yourself much needed and deserved TLC with these spirit and skin pampering magickal bath blends.

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Magickal Candles

Dressed candles infused with intention and energy to assist in creating your desired outcome.

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Magickal Fragrance

Energy infused fragrances designed help you attract more of what you want, support your intentions, and smell amazing in the process.

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Magickal Home Mist

Sprays to clear the energy of a space and create a great air of peace and calm.

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Magickal Kits & Bundles

Multiple magickal products with the same energetic intention. Paired together to help you call forth and embody the energy in multiple ways.

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Magickal Oils

Energy infused oils designed to assist with your overall life satisfaction, intentions, and growth.

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Magickal Skin & Body Care

Skincare products that improves your skin’s appearance and your vibration…

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  • Cease and Desist

    A blend of the most powerful protection and dominance herbs and oils. Further powered by deity, sigil and dark energy. This stops negativity and baneful magick in its tracks.

    • Protection
  • Impenetrable Defense

    Keep your aura sealed and fortified and your spiritual guards up with this blend of protective herbs and oils.

    • Protection
  • 7 African Powers

    Blended with the energy, protection and wisdom of the 7 African Powers for protection, guidance and grace.

    • Protection
  • Reverse Blend

    Reverse magick sent against you, or the current tide in your life. Powerful oil.

    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • ShadowSeekers

    This is a blend for those who want to do personal shadow work and also for those who want to work in the shadows. This blend can be used for those who seek to learn the realms and dimensions of life. It can be used to learn the dimensions within yourself. It is also an offering oil to dark energies, those with a lot of primordial light.

    • Spiritual Power
  • Akasha

    Access to your Akashi records, past lives and great for past life regressions. This oil is powerful.

    • Spiritual Power
  • Starseed Alignment Oil

    Blend meant to help you align with and remember who you are and where you resonate from. This blend was created during the second Sacred Seal ritual and energy was shored up for 90 days and through 2 moon cycles and other astrological occurrences. VERY POWERFUL!

    • alignment
    • Clarity and Direction
    • Spiritual Power
    • Starseed
  • Sense of Saturn Oil

    The power, wisdom, constraint, discipline and mastery of Saturn in a bottle, you can use this oil to amp up your divination practices, in time magick, and much more.

    • Saturn
    • self mastery
    • Spiritual Power
    • time magic
  • Virtues of Venus

    The power, wisdom, feminine energy and other attributes of the celestial body Venus. Can be used with any Venus associated deities or to call in the virtues like a summoning oil. Very powerful blend for serious channelers and those skilled at working with powerful energies.

    • Spiritual Power
  • Essence of Jupiter

    Infused with Jupiter energy and crafted over a 22 day period, this blend is a power tool for manifesting success, joy, prosperity and health in your life. Very powerful blend so a little goes a long way.

    • Prosperity
    • Spiritual Power
  • Seal of Hermes

    This oil is about opening doors, unlocking gates, gaining access to hidden realms and esoteric knowledge. Infused with the energy of Mercury and of Tehuti/Thoth, all workers need this oil in their work, OBEs and journeys.

    • Spiritual Power
  • MarsMentum

    One of my favorite oil blends of all time, this is an oil of action, movement, momentum, progress and evolution. This Mars empowered oil is a must have in your life, work and magick. Wear or use in candle magick, diffusers or in bath.

    • energy
    • Mars
    • Mars oil
    • momentum
    • Spiritual Power
  • Lunar Whispers

    Oil blend designed to unlock your subconscious and put you in alignment with your hidden self. Infused with lunar energy, this oil is a huge help in your magickal, mystical and self love work.

    • Spiritual Power
  • SunBlissed Oil

    This sun kissed oil is infused with actual solar energy all the while protecting the integrity of the oil. Blended with vibrant herbs to add power, knowledge and illumination to your life and workings.

    • solar energy
    • Spiritual Power
    • Sun energy
    • SunBlissed
  • Root

    Heals issues of identity and helps to balance you during sudden shifts in lifestyle. This oil often triggers dreams and even conversations that help you to define or redefine yourself more authentically so that you can build a life that feels good to you.

    • Chakra Care
  • Sacral Chakra Oil

    Heals, balances and energizes the sacral chakra, the seat of divine power and creativity, as well as giving and receiving pleasure. Great for those trying to release any sexual traumas or creative blockages and should be used regularly during ascension to keep your divine seat properly charged.

    • Chakra Care

Showing 129–144 of 196 results