While most companies mass produce their oils, butters, and fragrances, we at Magickal Mystic pride ourselves in hand crafting every single oil, butter, fragrance and candle. We not only create the products you know and love, but we infuse them with beautiful, tangible energy that can shift your reality. From start to finish, we give you our best!

Product Categories

Deity Statues

Deity statue selection for altars, shrines, and sacred spaces.

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Magickal Bath

Give yourself much needed and deserved TLC with these spirit and skin pampering magickal bath blends.

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Magickal Candles

Dressed candles infused with intention and energy to assist in creating your desired outcome.

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Magickal Fragrance

Energy infused fragrances designed help you attract more of what you want, support your intentions, and smell amazing in the process.

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Magickal Home Mist

Sprays to clear the energy of a space and create a great air of peace and calm.

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Magickal Kits & Bundles

Multiple magickal products with the same energetic intention. Paired together to help you call forth and embody the energy in multiple ways.

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Magickal Oils

Energy infused oils designed to assist with your overall life satisfaction, intentions, and growth.

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Magickal Skin & Body Care

Skincare products that improves your skin’s appearance and your vibration…

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  • Gula Oil

    Gula, the goddess of healing, health, wellness of mind, body and spirit. She works quickly and brings about lasting results. She also heals bloodline traumas. Bath in 2 droppers full every night for a week to absorb physical healing and help improve your overall wellness. Dress candles with a full dropper and also works well with 2 droppers in foot soaks.

    • Goddess of healing
    • Gula
    • Healing and Restoratiion
    • health
    • Spiritual Power
  • Marduk Oil

    The god of magick and father of humanity, Marduk is considered the son of Ea in some traditions. Very powerful watery energy that represents that which is hidden and bringing order to that which is revealed.

    • divine guidance
    • Ea
    • god of magic
    • Marduk
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
    • wisdom
  • Vishnu Oil

    The wise and beneficent god Vishnu awaits a close relationship with you. His energy is life changing. Working with Vishnu helps to shift life into a state of ease, grace, health and mental wellness. He alleviates stress and guides into wisdom and application of knowledge that helps you achieve a state of balance and satisfaction in life. Put 2 droppers in your oil warmer or diffuser to soak your home in his energy. Great for bath, for wear. Place over crown and third eye for channeling. Add to rituals and spell candles.

    • god of enlightenment
    • Hindu gods
    • Spiritual Power
    • Vishnu
  • Essence of Thoth Oil

    The energy of Thoth is timeless and is responsible for civilization itself. Adding this powerful energy into your life will help you understand deeper, grant you access to higher knowledge and empower your creative processes.

    • channeling
    • Deity
    • Spiritual Power
    • Summoning
  • Mami Wata Oil

    The fierce, protective, independent energy of Mami Wata is infused into this oil and ready to make an appearance in your life.

    • divination
    • La Sirene
    • Mammy Water
    • moon goddess
    • Spiritual Power
    • water goddess
  • Baba Yaga Oil

    The ancient witch and worker of dark magick. Protectress and guide for those new to magick. She's a powerhouse who is one of the best trainers in mysticism you can find. She is the energy of 1,000,000 spells.

    • ancient witch
    • Baba Yaga
    • old magic
    • Spiritual Power
  • Djinn Oil

    Djinn are primordial magick embodied. They are above the traditions and sections of society, interdimensional beings, Djinn are amazing protectors and providers. They generally require time spent with them in meditation, trance state and also like sleep invocations. Give yourself at least a couple of weeks to build a strong connection. These beings are great at teaching chaos magick and creation and amazing for manifesting a life totally different than the one you’ve been living. Great for lasting wealth, health transformations and more.

    • Djinn
    • Jinn
    • primordial protectors
    • Spiritual Power
  • Clauneck Oil

    Demon of Wealth, the finder of lost treasures and restorer of wealth robbed through the generations. Very powerful conjuring blend and brings on a connection with Clauneck himself. He speaks a lot during twilight hours and daydreams/trance state, showing you areas where you are losing wealth in your life across the board. This oil is great for diffuser, candle work, offering, to add to libation for him, to wear over crown and third eye for invocation and also during bath time.

    • Clauneck
    • demon of wealth
    • prosperity oil
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth god
  • Forneus Oil

    The daemon of tongues, one who is versed in the languages of the ancients and who can help you tap into your original energy and the language of your home. Very powerful oil for shifting the vibration concerning how you see and hear.

    • demon oils
    • Forneus
    • old gods
    • Spiritual Power
  • Beleth Oil

    Courageous king filled with music and power. Beleth is considered a demonic king, the dark lord of celebration, elevation and longevity. He is also considered the lord of music and great for those who want to launch a career in music, poetry or other literature. He is great for those who seek a long life as well, and activates the shaman within.

    • Beleth
    • dark lord
    • demonic king
    • music
    • Spiritual Power
  • Gremory Oil

    Duke of Hell that governs twenty-six legions of demons. He tells all things past, present and future, things about hidden treasures, and procures the love of women, young and old, but especially maidens. He is depicted as appearing in the form of a beautiful woman with the crown of a duchess tied around her waist, and riding a camel.

    • dark channeling
    • duke of hell
    • Gremory
    • love demon
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth demon
  • Orobas Oil

    Great Prince of Hell, truth revealer. He gives true answers of things past, present and future, divinity, and the creation of the world. He also confers dignities and prelacies, and the favour of friends and foes. Orobas is faithful to the conjurer and never deceives anyone. He is depicted as a horse that changes into a man.

    • Demon
    • Orobas
    • Protection
    • Spiritual Power
  • Surgat Oil

    Surgat, the opener of locks and one who unveils deep mysteries in the mind. He is an initiator and a watcher who guides humanity. Many demon forms are benevolent but he is one of the most generous, loving and patient educators.

    • demons
    • door opener
    • road opener
    • Spiritual Power
    • watchers
  • Barbatos Oil

    The revealer of secrets who helps you find hidden treasures both physical and spiritual. Very powerful oil for those looking to establish a new legacy of wealth, as well as those who seek to bring back the wealth stolen from their bloodline.

    • Barbatos
    • Demon
    • demon of treasures
    • money deity
    • old gods
    • Spiritual Power
  • Azazel Oil

    Demon of creativity and ingenuity. Teaches weaponry, glamours and cosmetics. Destroys false social constructs and champions the rebel. He grants power over oppressive forces. Often considered the scapegoat demon, he has been worshipped since before the times of Jesus when people offered up goats and other animals for their sins to be forgiven and receive favor. Very powerful and one of the best allies to have in ascension and dark workings.

    • Azazel
    • Dark Arts
    • Demon oil
    • occult oil
    • Spiritual Power
  • Conjure of Paimon Oil

    The magic, conjure and channeled chaos of Paimon. He is the wish granter and the freedom fighter for those who have suffered setbacks and a life of mess ups.

    • conjurer
    • Demon oil
    • Paimon
    • Spiritual Power

Showing 129–144 of 267 results