Wealth of the Wicked Oil

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Wealth of the Wicked Oil

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Pull in the wealth, wisdom, favor and health of those who have banefully without cause targeted you, who seek to destroy you or who give energy toward someone else doing so. Reverse the tide and take the spoils of war.



Wealth of the Wicked is an oil blended to take the spoils of the enemy once they have declared themselves an enemy through their actions against you. Harness all the negative energy being sent to call in the things you actually desire. This is transmutation on 1000.

1 review for Wealth of the Wicked Oil

  1. ibwright.thewrightway (verified owner)

    The smell is definitely old wealth. I starting using to transform sexual abuse and call back my full power. Great for any type of reparation work or healing. Be specific and consistent when using.

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