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  • Affluence Candle

    This power infused candle is ritually charged to increase your power to produce and maintain wealth and enhance your ability to add assets to your portfolio. It is the ultimate in wealth, luxury, luck and privilege.

    • Affluence
    • assets
    • money candle
    • wealth
  • Clientele Infused Mist

    Clientele, what every business owner needs plenty of. The magick of this blend is to build businesses and create a successful foundation for growth. This blend is an 8 infusion and this mist allows you to take the magick with you wherever you go. This blend is created with infusions and incantations that calls for more customers and clients and amplifies the energy of your integrity and skillset. It is like a megaphone announcing your business to the world, but the scent is gentle and lasting.

    • business builder
    • call clients
    • call customer
    • Clientele
    • Infused mist
    • wealth
    • wearable magick
  • Divine Surplus Oil

    Divine Surplus, the energy of plentitude and overflow, is a four way infused essential oil and herbal blend used to create the energy of overflow and surplus in your life. Great for money, but can also be used for time and energy. True surplus is about graceful abundance and freedom. This blend embodies grace and freedom with the opulence.

    • Abundance
    • Divine Surplus
    • infused oil
    • opulence
    • overflow
    • plentitude
    • wealth
  • Pot of Gold Oil

    Pot of Gold is the Money Come Quickly blend that everyone has been asking for and something it took more than 8 months of work to perfect and test out. Pot of Gold is blended with the energy of luck, good fortune, opulence and lasting wealth. Combined energies of Jupiter, Mars and the Sun add speed and expansion. Plutus/Pluton, Clauneck, Aje, Oya, Lakshmi, Horus, Caishen, Hotei, Fortuna, Laima, Ostara, the muses are all invoked to further power this oil and the energy of Mercury further adds clarity and speed. Several quiet hands of power are also infused. Work with this blend through rituals and spells, wear daily for at least 88 days as the 8 is sacred in this work. Wear over crown and heart space as well as pulse points. Use in diffuser and bath. Create your own pot of coins soaked in your oil to add wealth energy to your home.

    • Business
    • Gold
    • good luck
    • Money
    • wealth
  • Mogul Oil

    MOGUL, the energy of winning in business and life. It is an infusion of  personal wins in every area of business and includes actual money, crystals and an exotic blend of herbs/oils. Created with banking, real estate, TV, entertainment and literary power and the energies of Aje, Clauneck, Fortuna, Laima, Oya, and 3 other power players to perfect it with the infinite 8 and Jupiter energy.

    • Abundance
    • business oil
    • millionaire
    • Mogul
    • money oil
    • prosperity oil
    • wealth
  • Chosen Candle

    The energy of an elevated frequency which draws favor, increases influence, and creates an umbrella of flowing and abundant opportunities!

    • be spoiled
    • Chosen
    • divine favor
    • favor
    • vibration magick
    • wealth
  • Pluton Oil

    Pluton is the god of the underworld, lord of death, power, rebirth and also the great god of wealth. He is a tremendous force as strategy is his strong point and he decides which direction ancestral wealth flows. He is one of the best allies to have.

    • god of the underworld
    • Pluto
    • Pluton
    • Prosperity
    • wealth
  • Wealth of the Wicked Oil

    Wealth of the Wicked is an oil blended to take the spoils of the enemy once they have declared themselves an enemy through their actions against you. Harness all the negative energy being sent to call in the things you actually desire. This is transmutation on 1000.

    • Prosperity
    • Protection
    • ritual work
    • wealth
  • Wealth of the Wicked Candle

    Wealth of the Wicked is a candle charged to harness all negative energy, all attacks and all harmful acts thrown at or done to you, both now and in the past. This candle is charged to help you absorb the energy and transmute it to wealth. I highly suggest you keep them burning, especially during times of attack or pettiness so that you can use the energy toward what you desire most. It is charged already toward your wealth via real estate, businesses, investments, gifts and more. Still, set your own specific intentions. Write out your desires and place under the candle.

    • Candle
    • Prosperity
    • soy wax
    • wealth
  • Lux of Lakshmi Candle

    Lux of Lakshmi is about calling for the spiritual and physical wealth you’ve longed for, happiness and abundance of mind, body and soul.

    • Ascension
    • beauty
    • Get Pampered
    • Lakshmi
    • Prosperity
    • Sri Lakshmi
    • wealth
  • Abundance Candle

    Step into the energy of abundance in all areas of your life. Abundance is a blend of essential oils, herbs and crystals infused with the energy of Universal abundance. It is the candle of manifestation of options, more than enough and fullness. Pro Tip: Write a list of the areas you’d like increase in your life. Then add some specifics for each. Create a five candle grid with Abundance, Attraction, Fulfillment, Undeniable with the Manifestation candle in the middle. Let it burn until all candles burn out on their own.

    • healing
    • manifestation
    • Money
    • Prosperity
    • wealth
  • Goddess Fragrance

    Revel in the vibration of divinity. Feed your divine essence and absorb the goodness of this luxurious Emme Rain fragrance. Goddess awakens and strengthens the goddess in you. Shake well and spray liberally.

    • enchantment
    • Fragrance
    • goddess
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth
  • EmmeBossed Oil

    Based off the signature scent of the bestselling EmmeBossed fragrance, this oil carries the same vibrations, the smell and power of money, wealth and opulence. Charged with the energy of Emme Rain’s personal wealth spirit team, this oil is guaranteed to become a fan favorite. Use in candles, diffusers, baths and soaks, as well as for wear.

    • Abundance
    • Emme Rain
    • EmmeBossed
    • Get Pampered
    • Money
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth
  • Asmodeus Candle

    The king of Djinn, fulfilling desires and creating inspired lust that leads to great discoveries both within and without. He helps us balance our pleasures and teaches us to tap into them for added energy and power in our workings.

    • Asmodeus
    • demon of knowledge
    • Djinn
    • Spiritual Power
    • wealth
  • R$ch B$tch Candle

    The dressed and energy infused premium candle to bring courage, confidence and prosperity. This candle works best when you work with it over a period of time consistently. You are literally drinking in the energy by sitting with it so the more you do it, the more powerful the vibration will become.

    • confidence
    • Prosperity
    • R$ch B$tch
    • wealth
  • Get Money Candle

    Energy infused candle blended with money drawing oils and dressed with money producing herbs and crystals. Sure to shift the frequency of your life and open doors of opportunity to increase your income and overall net worth, this is one of our bestselling candles with thousands of testimonies across social media.

    • candles
    • Money
    • Prosperity
    • soy wax
    • wealth

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