Black Gold Candle

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Black Gold Candle



There is a richness to your melanin and this is a celebration and amplification of it for your life today. Pull through all of what is due to you from the beginning of your bloodline until now. EXTREMELY powerful and fast magick! Burn this candle with clarity for what you desire to manifest. Sit with it at least 33 minutes.



Black Gold is magick that amplifies the gift of your melanin and brings forth the ingenuity, the wisdom, the knowledge, the prowess, the protection and the guidance of your entire bloodline, and it brings in spiritual reparations. Command all that is due to the bloodline, all that is due to you.
For all the jobs where you were overworked, underpaid and undervalued, and for all the times it happened to those in your bloodline, this product line is created to pull the just payments through in real time. Blended especially for African Americans, but this blend can be used by any culture, any person who has been mistreated or misused, who has ancestors who have been misused. But, THIS IS A CELEBRATION OF BLACK EXCELLENCE!!!


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