Cord Cutting Energy Work

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Cord Cutting Energy Work



Cut cords with those who you were once entangled with physically, emotionally and financially. Cord cutting helps stop energetic leaks and loss of power. It helps you to reclaim your emotional well-being and move on without the baggage.



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  • Soul Contract Cancellation

    30-60 minute energy session to cut cords and do deep clearing of agreements to binding, negative and restrictive energies.

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  • Energetic Makeover

    This 60-90 minute session is like energetic dialysis. You are subjected to the various frequencies combined with Reiki and energy manipulation to flush your body and aura of stagnant energy, clearing blockages and aligning your body and energy with your oversoul. This is for people who have battled depression and frequent setbacks. Always prepare to spend 90 minutes though many people can be finished within 60 minutes. Make sure that at your appointment time you are relaxed and free of distraction. These services are usually done on Sundays and Mondays.

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