Expansive Butter

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Expansive Butter


Body butter with silky texture and skin nourishing components, infused with the magick of pure connection. Feel expanded and enlarged.



Pure powerful prana and the energy of Jupiter captured in butter form. This wearable magick adds energy and expansion to your life.


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    One of the most potent magickal oils created by Magickal Mystic, World Domination is a universal enchantment. WORLD DOMINATION, the oil to Enchant Them All. This oil was created for public figures of all sorts from politicians to musicians or speakers and authors. If it’s important that you be liked, loved, supported, this oil is for you! Great for daily bath and soaks. Add 2 droppers in your bath water or foot soak. Add oil to your candles for ritual and spell work. Add to water before pouring libation. Add in your diffuser or oil warmer to fill your home with the enchantment. Add to your hand moisturizer, wear drops on your pulse points. (Always do a skin test first)

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