Furies Oil

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Furies Oil


Work with the daughters of primordial energy, the workers of justice and revealers of all truth. They are powerful for protection, for turnaround in circumstances and for penetrating the veils of deception to eliminate magickal and spiritual enemies.

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The Furies, also called the Erinyes, are some of the most fearsome feminine energies in history. Their energy and legend has popped up in numerous ancient philosophies and spiritual systems, but were popularized by Roman mythology. Known as the daughters of original divinity and the offsprings of the primordial mother, they are the avengers of injustice and workers of justice. While always depicted as angry and uncontrollable, they are actually unwavering, powerful in wisdom, insight and carry the promise of knowing beyond all deceitful practices. They measure the heart and the outcome of actions for or against you.
Furies are perfect for social justice, personal justice and family protection work. They are also amazing at teaching body technology hacks to help you align more perfectly to what your truth is. They destroy the facades and shred lies allowing nothing but truth to shine forth. In that way, they are ultimately a joy to work with.
Take at least 2 months of working with them and allowing yourself to adjust to their energy and approach. If you set up an altar, you can use red jasper and black obsidian stones, mahogany obsidian is also amazing. They love red and dark wines, dark berries and they appreciate mirrors. They are actually quite beautiful, so beautiful in fact, that you can feel the energy of beauty when they approach in a calm fashion.


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